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Users of the banking system experienced security vulnerabilities with the existing login methods (username/password), leading to concerns about unauthorized access and potential data breaches. The challenge was to enhance security without sacrificing user experience
Our solution
To address this, a new mobile application with an integrated authenticator was developed. This not only bolstered security through two-factor authentication but also streamlined the user experience by centralizing banking activities within a single, easy-to-use platform
Services we provided:
UI Design
UX Research
Timeframe:  1 month
Team: 2 Person

About the client

Elcoin combines experience and technology to equip you with full cycle systems and resources. Everything is deployable on demand as your business requires. Thus you outsource the underlying infrastructure and its administration, while you focus exclusively on the interesting part!
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When crafting the mobile application, every design element was purposefully chosen to optimize user experience. The layout ensures intuitive navigation, placing key elements within easy reach for seamless interaction. Consistent iconography maintains familiarity, aiding user understanding. Every element serves a dual purpose: enhancing usability and reinforcing the brand, resulting in a visually appealing and user-friendly mobile application

Color Combination

In crafting the user interface, the client's branding colors were used to ensure a cohesive and recognizable visual identity. The chosen color palette was not only a nod to the brand's existing image but also served practical purposes. By leveraging the client's established colors, the design not only adheres to brand guidelines but also creates a visually harmonious and engaging user journey
photo founder
Vladislav Pasyuk
Quick summary by Vlad

Working on the Elcoin Authenticator was an exciting blend of security and user experience design. The challenge involved creating an intuitive two-factor authentication system while maintaining Elcoin's brand identity. Collaborating with experts, iterative design sessions, and user testing resulted in a secure, user-friendly app that exceeded expectations. The experience highlighted the impactful role of design in enhancing both security and user satisfaction

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